What’s Your Watermark?

Clear Water Filtration has been passionate about providing high quality water solutions for 35 years. When Jen and Steve took over the business in 2015, water activism, volunteerism, and access to safe, great-tasting water became a focus. Starting as a company initiative, What’s Your Watermark transformed into an opportunity to solve a problem for event producers. Our goal is to provide an alternative to single-use bottled water for events produced around the state of Vermont. The Watermark bottle filling station connects directly into a municipal water source and provides additional treatment for sediment, chlorine, VOC’s, and lead, allowing excellent point-of-use water quality for the event attendees.

Watermark Filling Stations have been seen at local concerts, kid festivals, art festivals, parades, and sporting events. This paid-for service eliminates the cost of buying bottled water, and disposing of all the plastic bottles afterward! It reduces event waste, event cost, and environmental damage.

We hope to see you at a local event in the near future, and don’t forget to bring your reusable bottle!

What's Your Watermark?