Watermark Events

Eliminate plastic water bottle waste at your event.
Your fans will love it!


Revolutionize your event by eliminating waste from single-use plastic bottles with Watermark Water Filling Stations.

Filling Stations solve the problem of buying bottled water and managing the waste after an event. Point us in the direction of the water hook-up, and leave the rest to us.

Safe, great-tasting drinking water, and little to no waste. Evolve beyond the bottle.


How it Works


  • Access to municipal water source (outside spigot, hydrant, etc.) within 150ft, through a hose connection.
  • 120v power outlet within 150ft. (not a requirement)
  • Minimal space requirement of 3’x4’.


  1. Municipal Source (most likely chlorinated or chloraminated)
  2. Sediment Filter (5 micron rating)
  3. Matrixk Carbon Block Filter for Chlorine, Cryptosporidium, and Giardia Removal.
  4. Last stage disinfection using UV Disinfection (if power is available)

Depending on the type and longevity of the event, we may or may not tend the stations, unless requested by the Event Planner. Otherwise, the station is set up for self-service. We can provide compostable cups for an extra cost. We can provide wholesale bottles for re-sale through the event planner, and co-branded by Watermark and the event or sponsor. Contact Jen + Steve for pricing information >

We handle the entire breakdown, removal, and clean up of our equipment in a timely manner following an event.



Benefits of Watermark

Health + Safety
It’s important for event planners to know they are providing safe drinking water to a large mass of people, and that people are staying hydrated on a hot, sunny day – especially when there is alcohol service available. All public municipal water supplies are regulated by the EPA to meet the standards of the Safe Drinking Water Act. Watermark takes it a step further, and de-chlorinates, filters VOC and Lead, and has an optional last step using UV Disinfection (this requires power if available).


Cost Effective
Events can spend upwards of $2,000 to provide potable drinking water, and then they must dispose or recycle the waste from cups and bottles. Watermark Filling Stations reduce this expense and reduce the waste from single use cups and bottles.


Revenue Generating
Events can purchase the service directly from Watermark, or cover the expense through sponsorship and advertising space. Contact Jen and Steve for pricing information.


No disposable bottles. No clean up. Environmentally friendly cups. Reusable water bottles for sale. Safe and great-tasting drinking water. Drink local water!


Event-Goer Experience
Free water – extra points for bringing your own bottle! Make your Watermark by supporting reusable bottles and drinking from our own water sources – not bottled and trucked from one municipality to another.

“Everyone loved the filling station – LOVED it.
I will rave about you guys to any and everyone I know planning an event,
I think we should have one of these on Main Street.”
-Anna Colavito, Event Planner of the Scout Film Festival

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