About the Initiative


What’s Your Watermark? is our passion project, a desire to eliminate single-use plastic bottles in Vermont and educate Vermonters on water issues both locally and globally.

When the H-Team approached us about making “What’s Your Watermark” their next more love film, we were ecstatic. This film gave us a chance to help Vermonters decode the issues at stake, the consequences of our actions, understand the positive impact we’re capable of, and celebrate those locally that are leading the way in making a difference.

This cause desperately needed a voice and The H-Team stepped up to give it one. We cannot thank them enough for their partnership and for making this film possible. More love is what it will take for all of us to make our mark on water a positive one. Our future as a state, as a country and as a people, depends on it.
And so we want to kick this effort off with a heartfelt thank you to the H-Team and you, for showing up to be part of the solution!

We can’t thank you enough,

Jen and Steve

What's Your Watermark?